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The BTBA Junior Tour Finals

- 2014 -

NAYBC UK Championships

Congratulations to all the bowlers who have now confirmed their place at Romford on Sunday for the BTBA Tour Finals and NAYBC UK Championships 2014.

The event will be 8 games qualifying with stepladder finals throughout all age groups male and female except the NAYBC UK Championships which will be a joint event with a female bonus of 5 pins per game throughout.  There will be a lane dress after 4 games with finals to follow immediately after the 8th game.  Top 4 bowlers in each age group will qualify for the finals.  Registration will be at 09:30 with a 10:00 roll off.  Presentation will be approximately 17:30.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Steve Allen, NAYBC Tournament Director.


The 2014 Poole Doubles

a JTE and BTBA Tour Ranking Event

This weekend saw the first BTBA and JTE ranking events of 2014, the tournament is being run over 2 weekends and has 80 teams entered.  This is a reduction of 5 teams from the previous year, however, the sun was shining, another glorious day in sunny Poole.  We welcomed 29 teams over this first weekend, the details are below:

Squad A Sunday 21/9/14 – 9:00am

The opening squad had 19 teams playing from 10 YBC’s (Fareham, Norwich, Preston, Worthing, Whitstable, Madison Heights, Uttoxeter, Havant, Dereham Strikes and Poole).  The squad started at 09:10.  There were limited breakdowns and the squad ran smoothly and finished at 13:20.  The male high game was Sam Martin with 245 from Preston YBC.  The female high game was Abigail Cater with 206 from Norwich YBC.

Squad B Sunday 21/9/14 – 2:00pm

The opening squad had 10 teams playing from 2 YBC’s (Tolworth & Poole).  The squad started 14:10.  There were limited breakdowns and the squad ran smoothly and finished at 18:20.  The male high game was Sean Simmons with 212 from Tolworth YBC.  The female high game was Rebecca Spiking with 214 from Tolworth (continues..)


Junior Team England are pleased to announce and congratulate the squad of 12 bowlers leading to the final selection of the 8 members for the EYC team in Leipzig, Germany in March 2015.


The initial squad of 12 are:


Brett Armer
Emily Allen
Jamie Elliott
Becky Daly
Alex Green
Katie Finnegan
Sam Martin Harriet Harmon
James McMinn
Lorna Scott
Brandon Roberts
Sophie Thompson


The selection committee took a considerable amount of time this year to look at many elements to arrive at their decision.


The elements involved were: performance over the Masters weekend (all 20 games), ranking positions, performances throughout the year (with specific reference to wood or plastic lane conditions), high averages at events over the year, lowest averages over the year, previous experience with Junior Team England, alongside any current training and coaching regimes that have been communicated to the selectors or may otherwise be known to them.


The decision was based on a subjective discussion between the selectors on what they had seen, both on the Masters Tournament and other ranking events during the course of the season, plus statistics made available representing individual bowling performances during the season, bearing in mind the above criteria.


If you have any queries or questions regarding selection, you are welcome to contact any of the selectors:


Neville Nock  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Natalie Hart  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lee Crosby    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Junior Team England (powered by DV8)

Neville Nock                                      

 Junior Team Manager.

Junior Team England is powered by:
The NAYBC Masters 2013/2014
JAMIE ELLIOTT (left-centre) and BECKY DALY (right-centre) are the 2013/2014 MASTERS CHAMPIONS

Final Results (20 games)
Name - points / pinfall

Name - points / pinfall

Jamie Elliott - 273.0 / 4221
Becky Daly - 309.0 / 4178
Brandon Roberts - 264.0 / 4164
Sophie Thompson - 281.0 / 4087
Alex Green - 254.5 / 4125
Emily Allen - 277.0 / 3922
Brett Armer - 244.0 / 4042
Joanna Hackett - 252.0 / 3910
James McMinn - 241.0 / 4027
Natasja Ailes - 230.0 / 3827
Remy Bader - 239.0 / 4071
Rebecca Spiking - 224.0 / 3761
Sam Martin - 238.0 / 4040
Harriet Harmon - 209.5 / 3650
Dominic Bond - 218.0 / 3930
Nicole Ashby - 209.0 / 3609
Joseph Clarkson - 212.0 / 3942
Katie Finnigan - 205.5 / 3638
Thomas Copeland - 210.0 / 3930
Adriana Roberts - 205.5 / 3582
Jordan Orchard - 205.0 / 3929
Isabel Allen - 201.0 / 3581
Liam Mudge - 204.0 / 3940
Chantelle Russell - 194.5 / 3565
Jake Edwards - 197.0 / 3872
Shola Attryde - 194.0 / 3556
Jamie Gore - 191.5 / 3822
Lorna Scott - 192.5 / 3601
Craig Tracey - 190.5 / 3779
Rebecca Harris - 190.5 / 3555
Rex Santos - 178.5 / 3739
Mia Bewley - 190.0 / 3560
Aaron Faulconbridge - 174.0 / 3761
Katie Tagg - 170.0 / 3512
Ki Leighfield - 164.5 / 3726
Elyse Giddens - 165.5 / 3431
Jack Watson - 160.5 / 3661
Chelsie Williams - 165.0 / 3462
Austin Taylor - 141.0 / 3599 Laura Wingrove - 134.5 / 3314

2014 BTBA Tour & UK Championships
Sunday, 5th October 2014, Romford

"Congratulation to all the bowlers who have successfully qualified for the BTBA Tour Finals and the NAYBC UK Championships for the season 2013/2014.

The BTBA Tour Event Finals will crown the BTBA Tour Champions in their respective age groups for 2013/2014. 

The NAYBC UK Championships which is for the bowlers in their final junior year will determine the NAYBC UK Champion for 2013/14.



Join the NAYBC!

..and be a part of one of the most respected Youth Sports Associations in the World!

  Following a recent change in commitments, our Secretary, Pat Crosby, has decided to stand down.  For this reason we are seeking applications for the post of NAYBC Secretary.

Please apply using the online form and e-mail to Martyn Wenger ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) by 15th September 2014.

Outline of role and what would be expected:

  • Support the NAYBC Committee and Junior Bowlers as required
  • Arrange monthly NAYBC meetings, take minutes and issue them to the Committee
  • Respond to all communications/e-mails received from Junior members/parents etc
  • Help with any hotel and travel arrangements (Nationals/EYC/TC etc)
  • Help at DV8 Junior Nationals as required
  • Fundraising – look for new ideas and instigate fundraising for NAYBC
  • Help with TC and any other tournaments as required
  • Promote NAYBC and the Sport to help increase awareness and members
  • Reward package: Joining a great band of like minded people; Enjoying working for Junior bowling; the Youth Bowling clubs and all the juniors and parents who all become part of our extended group of friends; seeing the joy, dedication and success that junior bowling can bring to so many people

Download the application form here..


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